Beyondnet VN ‘s trip to Korea: Strengthen network and relationships

Last month, Beyondnet VN concluded a successful business trip to South Korea. Led by the CEO and accompanied by two skilled network engineers, the team spent a week engaging in activities aimed at fortifying the company’s presence and fostering collaboration in the region.

The highlights of the Business Expedition include:

Establishing an Additional Node at KT IDC in Seoul

The initial days were dedicated to setting up a new node at KT IDC in Seoul. This aims to augment Beyondnet’s network capabilities, ensuring enhanced and reliable services for our international customers

Beyondnet’s engineers set up node in KT IDC in Seoul, Korea

A meeting with Naver

The next day featured a visit to Naver, a leading online platform in South Korea. Here, Beyondnet team had a meeting with Mr. Kim, IT Manager of Naver. The two sides had exchanges about expertise as well as the desire to strengthen the relationship, with the hope of further progress on the path of development.

Take photo with Naver’s IT Manager

Exploring Namsan Tower

Taking a break from business engagements, the engineer team explored Seoul’s cultural and historical beauty on the last day, visiting the iconic Namsan Tower. Beyond enjoying the stunning views,  the team had the opportunity to explore the culture and life of local people

IT team at Namsan Tower

Beyondnet continues to prioritize international collaborations, ensuring its network solutions adhere to global standards. The business trip to Korea exemplifies Beyondnet dedication to providing cutting-edge networking services on a global scale.