Beyondnet VN ‘s Spring kick off to Phan Thiet

Last month, Beyondnet’s IT engineering team embarked on a memorable kick off retreat in the coastal city of Phan Thiet. The event served not only as a getaway but also as a fantastic opportunity to strengthen bonds among team members within the company.

During their time in Phan Thiet, the team engaged in lively beach activities, exhilarating sand sliding, savored the local coastal cuisine, and captured numerous memorable snapshots together. The members of the team are not just colleagues but also companions in both life and work.

Beyond being a source of fun, the kick-off also brings numerous benefits to the company, enhancing morale and productivity. The camaraderie and immersion in the vibrant atmosphere of the trip have permeated the working environment, fostering a strong and united team.

Team checking in under Phan Thiet beutiful sunlight

“Kick off is an annual tradition for us,” shared Mr.Yoon, CEO of Beyondnet VN, “We always aim to cultivate a comfortable and cohesive working environment where each member can thrive and contribute to the company’s mission.”

Mui Ne – a signature place when travelling to Phan Thiet

With fond memories and renewed energy from this journey, the Beyondnet VN team is ready to tackle new challenges and continue its path of steady growth in the time ahead.