Beyondnet Global

Policy on Free First-Time On-Demand Service

I. Purpose

This policy aims to provide free first-time On-Demand service to new customers, allowing them to experience the quality of Beyondnet VN’s services. We are committed to delivering the best solutions for IT issues, helping customers understand our capabilities and value.

II. Scope

This policy now clearly states that it applies to new business customers who have never used our services before, excludes individual customers, and is limited to those located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

III. Eligibility Criteria

Customers will be provided with a free first-time On-Demand service in the following cases:

  1. Internet Connectivity Issues:

    • Problems with internet speed and stability affecting daily business operations.
    • Frequent network disruptions causing difficulties in accessing network resources or the internet

  2. IT Infrastructure Management Issues:

    • Complex IT systems requiring assessment and optimization.
    • Hardware issues impacting system performance.

  3. Network Security Issues:

    • Detection or suspicion of network intrusions or attacks.
    • Need for security assessments and evaluations.
    • Firewall configuration check for proper setup.

IV. Registration Process for Free First-Time Service

  1. Registration and Contact:

    • Customers can briefly report the issue by fill in the form in our website at this registration link.

  2. Confirmation and Evaluation:

    • Beyondnet VN’s technical team will contact to confirm information and conduct a preliminary evaluation of the customer’s issue.
    • Determine if the customer’s issue is within our workscope and falls within the eligibility criteria.

  3. Service Provision:

    • Upon evaluation and confirmation, our technical team will create a Ticket in our Ticket system for easy tracking and proceed to provide the free first-time On-Demand service.
    • Customers can check the progress in our Ticket system. For the User manual of using Ticket system, please read here.

V. Contact Information

If you have any questions about the policy or wish to register for the service, please contact us via:

We look forward to serving you and hope to provide the best solutions for your business.