Beyondnet Global

IT support on-demand a quite new offer from Beyondnet VN – is a service that provides technical assistance upon request without the need for long-term commitments.

This allows businesses to flexibly access professional support when encountering issues or needing advice without maintaining an in-house IT team.

On-demand support activities we provide:

Setup, config, trouble shooting

IT infra management

Data backup & restoration

Security monitoring

Other IT support


Submit your request to our Ticket system at

Our IT team will quickly get in touch to assist you!

For the guidance of using Ticket system, please check here.


  • Cost saving

    Instead of paying a large fixed monthly fee, businesses only pay when services are used, reducing operational costs and optimizing the budget for SMEs.

  • Flexibility

    Easily access support when needed without long-term commitments.

  • High expertise

    Benefit from the knowledge and skills of experienced professionals.