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With the rapid development of science and technology, the internet is increasingly being widely utilized across all sectors, thus making network security and safety a matter of critical concern.

However, numerous Vietnamese enterprises are deficient in terms of security awareness and infrastructure, which lead to potential threats such as information leaks or damages

Security and information safety loss:

Susceptible to malware, viruses, and hacker attacks > loss of information, data leakage, requiring labor and time to restore information.

Financial and credibility impacts:

Network security breaches disrupt business operations, negatively impacting the company’s reputation and trust.

Uncontrolled access:

Devices/individuals uncontrolledly access unauthorized addresses, resulting in internal data leaks and untrusted external access.

Unmanaged network traffic:

Slowing down network speed, reducing work efficiency.

Our solution

BN340 is a cost-effective network security solution designed to protect customer data. Our network security devices are customized based on the specific needs of each customer, supported by a team of professional engineers and management systems. With BN340, your company’s data will be safeguarded against both internal and external threats

BN340 device